Puppies Whelped 05/24/2012
Sire: CH. Harmony's Van Gogh "Vinny"
Dam: CH. Jaama's Spellbound "Melody"

Pictures Taken on 07/12/2012, 7 Weeks Old

#1 - Male

Chosen by
The Peterson Family, MN

#2 - Male

Chosen by
The Strayer Family, IN

#3 - Male

On Hold For:
The McNulty Family, CA

#4 - Female
White/Fawn Brindle

Chosen by
The Fabrazio Family, NY

#5 - Female
White/Red Brindle

Jaama's Delirious
Staying at Jaama

If you are interested in more information on these puppies, please email me at malderman@jaamawhippets.com.

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