Whelped 7/14/2005

Pictured above at 11 months of age.

"Bacardi" is a quality young dog who is the pride and joy of owner Kelly Zartman. He is a multi breed winner from the classes, and his quality is undeniable. He presently has 6 points. Watch for Bacardi with Kelly as he continues his quest for an AKC Championship.

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Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great-Great Grandparents
CH. Robway Valley of Kings, JC CH. Karasar's Head of the Klass Am/Can CH. Surrey Hill's Houston, ROMX Whippoorwill Moonstone, ROMX
CH. Whippoorwill Surrey
CH. Karasar's Klassic Keepsake CH. Saruman of Karasar
CH. Eucaliptus Mona Belle
Hasue Til The End of Time CH. Jocora Chelsea Darjeeling CH. Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford
CH. Chelsea Coriander Windborn, UD
CH. Hasue Time After Time BIS CH. Shilo's Houdini V Hasue
CH. Morshor's Annie Oakleaf
Karasar's Undeniable CH. Karasar's Impressive CH. Karasar's Lone Ranger CH. Karasar's Terrapin Flyer
CH. Karasar's Vain Vanessa
CH. Karasar's Klass Act CH. Surrey Hill's Houston, ROMX
CH. Karasar's Klassic Keepsake
CH. Karasar's Sensation MBIS CH. Karasar's Beguiled CH. Alerek's Rivalero
CH. Karasar's Vain Vanessa
MBIS CH. Karasar's Preference, ROMX CH. Karasar's Head of the Klass
CH. Heatherlane Belle Starr, ROMX

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