Whelped 7/24/2006

Pictured above at 4 months of age

On December 6, 2006 "Caper" joined the Temple family of Rainier, Oregon as the newest member of their Whippet family. He is a lovely young dog with a promising future in the show ring and he will be seen at shows in the Pacific Northwest in the Spring and Summer 2007. He has a sweet disposition, sound movement, and a lot of pizazz that will make him shine in the ring.

Caper is the 3rd generation of Whippets bred and born at Jaama and it is our hope that he will develop into a quality dog with many good qualities to carry on down through generations. He is from the repeat breeding of CH. Karasar's Impressive to CH. Karasar's Polaris at Jaama and is a full brother to older siblings CH. Jaama and Karasar's Master Plan "Alfie", Jaama's Karasar's Mystique "Amelia", CH. Karasar's Jaama Mandate "Maddie", and Karasar's Jaama Marvel "Marlee"(3 pts).

Caper is bred by Mary Alderman (Jaama) and Kerrie Kuper (Karasar Kennels).

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Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great-Great Grandparents
CH. Karasar's Impressive CH. Karasar's Lone Ranger CH. Karasar's Terrapin Flyer CH. Karasar's Front of the Klass
CH. Heatherlane Bewitched
CH. Karasar's Vain Vanessa CH. Karasar's Head of the Klass
CH. Heatherlane Belle Starr, ROM
CH. Karasar's Klass Act CH. Surrey Hill's Houston, FCh, ROMX Whippoorwill Moonstone, ROM
CH. Whippoorwill Surrey
CH. Karasar's Klassic Keepsake CH. Saruman of Karasar
CH. Eucaliptus Mona Belle
CH. Karasar's Polaris at Jaama Am/Can CH. Karasar's Infinity at Jaama, SC CH. Festiva's Knickerbocker, ROMX CH. Locar's Martini on the Rocks
CH. Oxford's Passion
Karasar's Design, JC CH. Karasar's Gold Rush
CH. Heatherlane Belle Starr, ROMX
CH. Karasar's Sensation MBIS CH. Karasar's Beguiled CH. Alerek's Rivalero
CH. Karasar's Vain Vanessa
MBIS CH. Karasar's Preference, ROMX CH. Karasar's Head of the Klass
CH. Heatherlane Belle Starr, ROMX

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