JAAMA Kennels, Reg.
Quality AKC Whippets

Current Residents at JAAMA:

CAN/UKC CH. Jama's Galactic Smuggler, SC
AM/CAN CH. Karasar's Infinity at Jaama, SC "Finn"
CH. Jaama's Spellbound "Melody"
CH. Jaama and Karasar's Master Plan "Alfie"
CH. Jaama's Karasar Kaiserin Mary "Ariel"
Jaama's Enchantment "Tawny"
Appraxin Jungle Jewel "Jewel" (7 pts. w/1 major)  
... and introducing our youngsters...
Jaama's Quintessential Karasar "Talia"
Jaama's Prism "Mia"

Whippets Owned, Co-Owned, or Bred by Jaama Who Live Elsewhere:

Jaama's Draco "Draco" (5 pts.)
CH. Karasar's Polaris at Jaama "Polo"
Karasar's Jaama Seaport "Puck" (3 pts.)
CH. Karasar's Orion at Jaama "Rion"
Jaama's Karasar Seabreeze "Breezee"
CH. Karasar's Jaama Mandate "Maddie"
Jaama's Intrepid "Rapid" "Rapid" (1 pt.)
Karasar's Bacardi at Jaama "Bacardi" (16 pts.)
Jaama's Karasar Mystique "Amelia"
Jaama's Jubilee "Bilee"(4 pts.)
Jaama's Karasar Seascape "Caper"
Jaama's Journeyman "Fozzie"
Karasar's Celestial, SC "Tia" (11 pts., 1 major)
Jaama's Jamboree "Nadia" (2 pts)
Jaama's Deja Vu "Deja" (11 pts., 1 major)

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